What happens if I go above my product allowance on my current plan?

We allow you to break your allowance for 7 days. This basically means that you can add however many products you want above the allowance of your billing plan but use them for only 7 days or until you upgrade your plan.

Before the 7th day expires, you will have to pay for the extra products you’ve added. Otherwise, we will simply freeze them and they will go blue and become read-only, which means you won’t be able to work with them.

We will, of course, alert you on time that you’ve gone above your limit.

If you pay for your 7-day credit on time, you will have the option to use another 7-day credit for whatever new products you would like to add. However, if you decide not to pay for your initial extra products, any new you add will become frozen.

We hope this makes sense. If there is any confusion you can contacts us here.

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